Estel Tinuviel (esteltinuviel) wrote in ah_admin,
Estel Tinuviel

how to apply to AH

How to apply

Follow all the steps listed on the Profile Page.

Comment HERE after reading the playable characters entry and include the following:

Name you wish to go by
Livejournal Username:
AIM username (if applicable):
Do you/Would You have a problem with yaoi, yuri, and/or incest? (a simple yes or no will do):
Can you get AIM for your character:
Which other FMA related communities are you a member of:
How many episodes of FMA have you seen?
Have you seen the FMA movie:
Character you wish to play:
Why you wish to play this character:
Respond to ONE of the following scenarios in character (a paragraph or two) You may choose to respond in paragraph style third-person (as we use on AIM) or in informal first-person (as we use for journal entries on the community):

+Ed just got called short and is throwing a fit in the hallway, yet Al seems to be able to calm him down

+You're late again for class and the teacher decides to give you detention

+There are rumors of a food fight that might happen tomorrow

+The students just WON'T calm down so you can begin class

+The staff is all gathered around the coffee pot discussing their classes and students
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