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Amestris High Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules?
The rules may be found here but for additional rules, go here

How often do I have to post?
Role-players are asked to post to livejournal once every two weeks, but are also asked to be on AIM frequently. For more information, and information on what will happen if you don't follow those rules, go here

Where do you conduct role-play at AH?
Amestris High conducts role play on livejournal and AOL Instant Messenger. On livejournal, we rp through post to the character's journal. Other role players may read these updates through their friends pages. Major updates may go on the community journal. Role play may then be conducted through comments, althoigh the majority is done on AIM. For AIM role play, which is more like real time, you simply chat with one or more characters.

How do I apply?
Go here and follow the instructions there on how to apply.

Can I have more than one character
To start out with no, but eventually you may earn another character. Go here to find out how.

Are OC's allowed?
Not immediately. To learn how to earn an OC, go here.

I know AH did a year last year. Is that important? Will it affect me rping at AH this year?
Yes, AH did do a year last year, but it's not important for this year nor will it affect you or any other new rpers. New year, new AH! This year has a totally new story so it's okay if you're new to AH.

This is an anime rp, but are manga characters allowed?
No only anime and some movie characters are allowed (note this is a change from last year, where movie characters were NOT allowed), for a list of playable characters and those available (those not with a username beside them) go here

By "mature situations" what do you mean?
At AH, we love our pairings and our rp. Sometimes, two rps might rp a romantic scene that turns into more than just a PG-13 kiss or make out. No one at AH is asked to rp anything they don't want to, and should tell the other rper in a pairing that they're not comfortable rping out a lemony situation. One might use a time jump (***) to skip the nitty gritty, or might just say it happened but not rp it. Again, no one is forced into anything at AH, and no one is forced into a pairing.

Then how do pairings work?
A pairing might naturally develop or two rpers might wish that two characters get together. Note, you shoudl always stay IN CHARACTER. For example, Ed x Hohenheim is never going to happen because Ed hates his dad. Impossible pairings like that shouldn't happen, although one character might be forced. An rper should NEVER be forced into a pairing they don't think would work or don't want as long as they are acting as the character and are in character. But we like to keep things are realistic as possible, so no character will be completely happy or have a fairy tale romance. There's fights, break ups, one night stands, and all kinds of drama dealing with relationships.

What are the parties and classes?
The parties are, for rpers, large group chats that happen at least once a month. Everyone gets together with their character(s) and there is usually some theme, such as a New Years Party. People stay in character and rp a party like it might happen. For classes, again, it is a large group chat, only one rper who is a teacher character will lead the class. Other teachers may come in to the class to talk, disrupt class, etc. It's not exclusive and anyone is welcome to watch, even if they don't feel they should rp (this mainly applies to teachers. Students should always rp a class if an rper is there to play them).

I can't find any icons for my obscure character! What do I do?
Contact esteltinuviel and she can provide you with some icons. I'd suggest trying Photobucket first, but if you still can't find any, I'll be happy to make you some nice ones.

Some people on AH have plus accounts, but some have regular. What do I have to to have?
You're not required to have any kind of account, although a plus account does give you more userpics, which most rpers like to have more of.

I have an OC, but how do I get icons for him/her?
For your OC, you may get anime style art, fanart, or art from another anime so long as the character matches your description. However, you may not use an already existing FMA character as the basis for your OC's icon. For example, your OC will not look just like Ed so you should not use an icon of Ed for him/her.
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