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rules for Amestris High

Rules for Amestris High

1. Stay on topic and stay in character--interaction between characters is key!

2. Be nice and don't be too rude; similarly, excessive use of offensive language is not permitted. Offensive language is defined as crude language, cussing/cursing, explicitly sexual or derogatory. Cussing is allowed, but overtly sexual language is not. Also, be nice. Don't flame! Respect others opinions, be they the character's or the role-players. It's okay to get angry, we're only human (unless your humunculi) but please try to be civil. Characters, however, are allowed to get mad at other characters--that kind of interaction is encouraged when appropriate!

3. Use lj-cuts when updates are long or contain mutiple large pictures; to learn how to use an lj-cut go to the FAQs page

4. All material that may be considered obscene or mature should be marked as such (just put a warning before the cut that says it contains mature content).

5. There is no specific "pairing" that is favored, but all pairings should follow what is currently acceptable in the community or what is currently going on. For a brief overview of current pairings go here (het, yaoi, yuri, crack, etc. are allowed and encouraged). Note: a pairing might be listed, but in the future, there will be a note of which pairings are known about. For instance, Ed and Al might be dating, but aren't telling anyone. Rpers, then, are allowed to know, but character don't know unless Ed and Al TELL them or suddenly start kissing in the hallway, etc.

6. You must create a separate journal for your character. Each username should be recognizeable to other characters as a certain character. For example "notashrimp" is clearly Edward while "yaoilover98" does not denote Edward. For a list of teachers and students with descriptions, go here. Your journal can be in any style you want, but it should reflect to some extend your character's personality or style. Also, your user info page should be in your character's style and personality.


7. User pics must be of your character, however you may have one secondary character in a userpic. The main focuse should be on your character though. Please refrain from putting userpics with pairings not currently being played out in the comm or explicit sexual icons of any kind. Cursing is fine in a userpic, but sexual userpics will not be allowed under any circumstances.

8. Users must maintain their character journals, updating at least once every two weeks. More frequent updates are appreciated, however, we realize that some users may still be in school and don't have as much time. You will not be asked to leave if you fail to update with those rules once, but lack of activity from said user will result in a dismissal from community.

9. The community does not have to be used strictly to give character posts or updates. Information concerning the role player, amestris_high or other things regarding FMA, etc. may also be posted. The majority of role play will take place on the character journals.

10. Please join the community in addition to creating the character journal.

11. Most of us are too lazy to log out as a character to do rper related posts, so that's okay. Just make sure to note that you are the rper, not the character when you post.

12. Amestris High is now considered a "literate community." This means that "n00b" speak, or text messaging language, or whatever the simplified internet language is known to you as, is not allowed. Now, commonly used things like "lol," "rofl," "omg," "zomg," etc. are allowed. Similarly, the cute smily faces and expressions, like :) or XD or the popular o_O, that we all type are also allowed. Basically, we want to be able to read a post and not have to scratch our heads and say, "What the heck did that say?!" You don't have to be a grammar whiz or know how to spell every word in the dictionary--all we want at Amestris High is for you to be able to speak and use English well enough to actually be understood and comprehedable. Pure and simple!

13. Rpers are allowed only ONE character to begin with, however, you if you wish to acquire a second character, you may EARN one through our bonus opportunity. Similarly, if you have a question regarding original characters, see that same post.
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